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Butter is a great topping and an important ingredient for a huge assortment of baked goods.

rNot everyone knows this, but Butter is actually quite healthy. It is a source of vitamin A which is important for brain function, skin, heart, kidneys, lungs, vision, and immune system health. Butter can also help you lose weight. It contains substances that will help your body to break down and use fats more efficiently.

rThe color of your butter is based on your cows diet. The yellower it is, the more carotene (pigments important for photosynthesis) the cow has received from eating hay.

rButter was once used as a hair gel by the Greek and Romans. This held their hair together and gave it a very shiny appearance.

rThe conversion rate of milk to butter is 21:1. That just means, that you would need 21 kg of milk to make 1 kg of butter.

rIt is possible to make butter at home by filling a container with heavy cream (the fattier the better) and then shaking. Don't fill it to the rim and leave a gap. The faster and harder you shake, the quicker you'll get your butter.


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