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Paper is something we use each and every day. It is an almost irreplaceable aspect of our lives. You can use it for origami or to take notes. You may also need it to draw. Although you can use a tablet to take notes

/draw, you wouldn't be able to separate them into multiple pieces and hang them up.

rAround 1 billion trees worth of paper is wasted in the USA each year.

rPaper only needs a bit over 2 weeks to decompose. So after you rob a bank, you need to make sure to either bury the money in a container or pick it up within a short time frame.

rPaper is a very thin, 0.1 mm thin to be exact. You may have heard that it is pretty much impossible to fold a piece of paper 7 times. This is because the thickness of paper rises exponentially with each fold. If you start with 0.1mm, after 5 folds you would be at 3.2mm, and after 10 folds it would be the thickness of your hand, 23 and you would have reached a kilometer, 30 and you get to space. By the time you have folded your 0.1mm thick piece of paper 42 times, you would have a tower tall enough to reach the moon with 439,804,651,110mm. And to reach outside of the observable universe (anything we can see and know about, extremely huge), you just need to fold a sheet of paper 103 times (93 billion light years).


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