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Vibratory Urticaria

Well you may heard of some extreme cases of allergies like aquagenic urticaria (water allergy) and maybe even polymorphic light eruption

/PLE (sun allergy), but have you realized that it is possible to have an allergic reaction to vibrations? Any simple action like clapping and even sound itself causes vibrations. The symptoms can even be triggered by towel drying or a slightly bumpy car ride.

rHeadaches, fatigue, faintness, blurry vision, a metallic taste, facial flushing, and swelling are just a few of the possible symptoms. These reactions are triggered within minutes and will generally last up to an hour.

rIt belongs to a class of disorders called physical urticarias (direct exposure to factors such as pressure, heat, cold, or sunlight). These disorders can all cause allergy symptoms and although they may seem absurd and unrealistic, up to 0.5% may have a physical urticarias (almost 40 million people).

rVibratory Urticaria is caused by a certain gene mutation. [trying to keep this as simple and as understandable as possible] This mutation changes a single amino acid (the things that proteins are made up of) causing the interactions between units to become unstable. These can then easily be disrupted due to vibrations and will cause allergy symptoms due to the missing sub units (the ones that got disconnected) sending signals to the main units.

rPeople who have Vibratory Urticaria usually also have at at least one parent with the same condition as it is inherited in an autosomal dominant pattern (50% chance if one parent has it).

rIf you do suffer due to a medical condition, there are institutions out there that can help you (for example the HealthWell Foundation:

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