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The Eiffel Tower

It is illegal to take pictures of the Eiffel Tower at night when the lights are on. Most countries have a freedom of panorama law. Meaning you can legally take pictures of any building. But France doesn't. The copyright owner and creator of the Eiffel Tower died in 1923, so in 1993 the image of the Eiffel Tower entered into the public domain. That's why Las Vegas had its own Eiffel Tower, built in 1999. But the lights were not installed until 1985 and, since they're considered an artistic work, they are well within their copyright protection period.

rIt weighs over 10k tons.

rIt is possible to climb to the top, but there are 1,665 steps. 

rThe lifts travel a combined distance of 103,000 km a year – two and a half times the circumference of the Earth.

rA con artist almost successfully sold the Eiffel Tower on 2 separate occasions.

rIn the winter, the tower shrinks around 6 inches.

rDuring the German occupation, the tower's lift cables were cut, and the tower closed to the public. Nazi soldiers then attempted to attach a swastika to the top, but it was so large it blew away and had to be replaced with a smaller one.


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