Woman with the tiger eyes in the Beast warrior's World – The New Tiger King

The New Tiger King

The most important day of choosing the new Tiger King was here. Everyone was excited and buzzing with anticipation. Will Tyrell manage to win? Most people were afraid of Tyrell's presence, but they respected him as the Lord Protector. Apart from being the ruthless killer of the beasts, he was also honest, reasonable and hard-working, so people kind of expected him to win. But for this event the most formidable warriors from tiger tribes around gathered as well, so who knows who would be the next king.

rCrystal City was full of life, the strongest tiger warriors gathered at short notice from tiger tribes near the city. Big tiger Ziran confidently walked the streets with his group of warriors. He was ruthless, confident and brutal. Nobody dared to talk against him. He came from the Northern Tiger City; he was protecting it from the beasts as well. He felt like he is king already, he was like a killing machine and was proud of it, he liked to mock his enemies and he made them suffer viciously for his fun. He did not have a mate yet, because he was very busy fighting, and he was waiting for someone special. He felt most females are beneath him. He presented himself like a tiger aristocrat from the best warrior family, the pedigree of all tigers. He looked at the streets with a light smile; this city will be his soon as well.

rThen his eyes caught an interesting view. A beautiful young woman in a turquoise silky gown was walking next to two tall and muscular warriors. The smooth dress was fitting around her curves, which radiated feminine energy. She caused a lot of stares from the crowd. The woman's hair shone golden glow in the morning sun, her face was pale and white like snow, and her beautiful strong blue eyes glanced around curiously. Her full pink lips were in a soft and nervous smile. She clutched into the arms of two men and chatted with them quietly, but her white arms peeking from the opened sleeves were bearing no marks. She wore golden sandals with curled golden snakes, which showcased her white feet beautifully. She looked like a queen; even she did not wear any crown.

rZiran stared in a daze, when the trio came closer,

Chapter end

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