Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Lucas: Gala (V)

Lucas: Gala (V)



Ava's slight form disappears into the twisted shadows of the trees, still bursting to life from the return of spring. The full moon above seems to mock me, mock this.

Ava Grey<

/em>. Beta Grey's youngest daughter. Someone who's been hidden from all of us until tonight.

A growl rips from my throat and my fist slams into the trunk of the tree beside me, pain radiating up my arm. Blood drips from cuts sustained from the tough bark, and I welcome the burn of torn skin.

Yanking my phone out of my back pocket, I redial Kellan, trying not to blame him for the rage I feel. If he had texted me back, if he had called me, if he had done anything<

/em> to let me know Ava Grey was a tiny, blonde little thing in a black dress and glasses, I wouldn't have gone so far tonight. Wouldn't have fallen for the bait.

Chapter end

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