Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Challenging Common Knowledge

Ava: Challenging Common Knowledge

What do you mean?<


Selene sighs in my mind, a little huff that brings a picture to my mind's eye of her resting her chin on her front paws. I miss her.

You are not an omega,<

/em> she finally says. Omegas don't exist.<


I tilt my head. It isn't that I don't believe Selene, it's just that… well, I mean, how do omegas not exist? All shifters have ranks, once they come into adulthood.

Well—I never got a rank, because I didn't have a rank. But everyone else has one.

Selene growls. Omegas were created for the pleasure of the alphas of old, who wanted nothing more than to breed and dominate. It was a different time.<


I talk out loud, because I'm giving myself a headache by thinking<

/em> too hard at her.

Chapter end

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