Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Omega? (II)

Ava: Omega? (II)

[WARNING: Sensitive content.]<



There's a luxury I've indulged in since I left my pack.

The news.

I wasn't allowed to watch it at home because of its 'human bias'.

One thing I learned in the news is that sexual assault from shifters happens at least twice as often as it does from humans, and that's only what's reported in the human community. It's estimated that assault within the shifter community is be much higher.

Theories run rampant, but there's one that feels authentic to me. It talks about the bestial temperament of wolf shifters, and how their innate need to breed like wild animals gets the best of them. This is why we often have fights between males over women, even with a fated connection in place.

It's something I don't think about too much, because it was just a part of my life when I lived in a shifter pack. Now that I live among humans, I can see how different the relationship is between humans, compared to how it is in our packs. I see why they are kept so separate.

And as someone in this kind of situation again, I'm inclined to think that humans are a hell of a lot smarter than shifters.

I stare over my kidnapper's shoulder, looking through the window. We're no longer in the city. Towering trees flank both sides of the winding road.

I swallow hard, my throat constricting around the lump of panic that threatens to choke me. Selene's silence has me anxious, worried that I'll be alone when I have to fight for my freedom.

Forcing my gaze away from the window, I study the shifter in the front seat. They're talking again, their gruff voices blending together in a low rumble as they discuss... something. I tune out their words, focusing instead on trying not to vomit.

Fucking shifters.

A tremor runs through me, and I clench my fists to still the trembling of my hands. I can't afford to show weakness.

The car takes a sharp turn, and I'm forced even farther into the embrace of the one holding me. I let go of my fists to dig my nails into the worn leather of the seat I'm lying on, my legs bent awkwardly against the other door. They're going to be on edge when they bring me out of the car, so I'll have to play nicely until I can get on my feet. But I can't go into any building they drag me to—it'll be even harder to escape then. My mind races, desperate for a plan, for any sliver of hope that I might make it out of this.

I don't even want my fated mate, much less these assholes.

Chapter end

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