Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Ava: Omega? (I)

Ava: Omega? (I)

I'm walking to the bus stop after my evening class, my mind still focused on the lecture. The streetlights flicker overhead, casting long shadows that seem to shift and dance in the corners of my vision. An uneasy feeling prickles at the back of my neck, but I push it aside, chalking it up to my overactive imagination.

Then, without warning, a searing pain explodes at the base of my skull. A strangled yell tears from my throat as my knees buckle, and I crumple to the pavement. Spots dance before my eyes, and for a disorienting moment, the world tilts on its axis.

Ava! Ava, listen to me!<

/em> Selene's frantic voice cuts through the haze of agony. Get up! You have to run!<


A rough hand grips my arm, hauling me upright with a savage jerk. The potent scent of shifter slams into me—musky, feral, and utterly alien. My heart stutters in my chest as a car screeches to a halt beside us.

Fight, Ava! Fight!<

/em> Selene's command echoes through my mind, her urgency lending me a burst of adrenaline-fueled strength.

I thrash against my assailant's hold, kicking and clawing with everything I have. A guttural snarl rumbles in my ear as he wrestles me toward the waiting vehicle. My nails find purchase, scoring deep gouges along his cheek, but he doesn't relent.

The backseat door flies open, and I'm shoved inside with brutal force. My head cracks against the opposite window, and stars explode across my vision. Rough hands pin me down, the weight of a body trapping me against the cracked leather seats.

Chapter end

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