Tangled in Moonlight: Unshifted – Lucas: Realization (I)

Lucas: Realization (I)



The frost of winter thaws, giving way to the brisk air of spring. The days drag on, each moment blurring into the next as my frustration builds. Weeks have passed since that fateful night at the Lunar Gala, and still, the Blackwood Pack's intentions remain shrouded in mystery, even with summer peeking around the corner. My wolf paces restlessly within me, yearning for answers, for action, for her<


My obsession grows.

I slam my fist on the desk, the impact reverberating through the room. Kellan, ever the loyal beta, barely flinches. He knows better than to disturb me when I'm like this, consumed by the need to unravel the web of secrets that surrounds us.

A missive arrived last week from Alpha Blackwood, a terse notification that his beta's daughter, Jessa Grey, would be attending the local university here in Granite City. The balls on that asshole, sending her into our territory without so much as a proper request for permission. It's an unspoken rule among our kind, a courtesy extended to the ruling pack when an outsider plans to stay within their domain.

I can't help but wonder if this is another ploy, another move in the twisted game that Blackwood seems intent on playing. Jessa's presence here, so close to the heart of our pack, sets my teeth on edge. What secrets does she carry? What lies will she spin to further her alpha's agenda?

My thoughts drift naturally to her<

/em>, the girl who haunts my every waking moment. Ava. The memory of her scent, her touch, the way she surrendered to me in the garden—it's seared into my very being. And yet, my hatred grows by the day.

I push myself away from the desk, pacing the length of my office like a caged beast. The cool air brought in by an open window does little to soothe my restless spirit. I need answers.

Chapter end

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