Heaven, Earth, Me – Chapter 23. Trouble in the library and Breakthrough

Chapter 23. Trouble in the library and Breakthrough

After the classes, Yasenia went to the skill library, this time she went alone. When she opened the door, there were rows and rows of skills, and in the middle, there was a spiral staircase that led to the next floor.

rSkills, weapons, and cultivation techniques were classified like this. from the weakest to the strongest: Mortal, spirit, magical, earth, heaven, here the mortal limits lay then surpassing that level we have transcendental, supreme, and finally Ancient. Inside this, there was low, middle, and high level.

rYasenia's robe was a high-level magical treasure, for someone at her level where magical treasures are rare, they were astounding.

rYasenia's sword was a low-level magical treasure, and her tail when hardened, was equivalent to a high-level spirit weapon.

rOn the other side, her [Flowers and spring] kimono, was actually a middle-level heaven-grade treasure! Because they aid in cultivation and do not serve for combat, Tatyana gifted it to her.

rThe first floor of the library had mortal level and spirit level skills, this level was available to all the disciples of the academy.

rThe next level had magical level skills and cultivation methods, to enter this level you have to be at least of the outer disciple violet class or above.

rThe next level you could enter when you advanced to the violet class in the inner disciple section or above it had earth-level skills and cultivation methods.

rThe fourth and highest level was only available to core disciples, it had heaven-level skills and cultivation methods. For higher rarity, one must become a teacher and make some oaths to the heavens.

rYasenia was aiming to the second level. She wanted to find something that could last until her real movement technique could be learned.

rIn truth, what she said in class was a lie. Her scroll was too high ranked to be learned by people of her level, not too complex, it was given by Tatyana and was found inside the ancient tomb. She didn't want covetous eyes on it, so she spoke like that.

rTatyana couldn't use it because it was for people like Yasenia, you had to have a tail to learn it, and at least, one of the three celestial elemts.

rWhen she was about to reach the staircase, she was stopped by a short, orange-haired man. Seeing his lecherous eyes and arrogant disposition, she could already guess where this was going.

rThis time, however, she couldn't slap the person flying as she did with that young master. Mainly because this man was at least on the early-middle levels of the Dantian Spiritualization realm

rCarlos has been one of the librarians of the Academy for at least 150 years, thanks to his family and the effort he put into studying he was able to accumulate a lot of knowledge and become one of the main librarians at that time he was only at the half-step of the unification realm.

rThe necessary condition in strength for the position is surpassing the mortal realms, so his achievements in knowledge were impressive, to say the least.

rSince he entered as a librarian, the efficiency of gathering useful books, information gathering, and the way of ordering the library got better.

rMoreover, he was able to find the correct books for students or teachers easily. However, this service was only done to inner disciples of the blue class or above.

rOnce, however, a very desperate girl of the outer disciples came pleading. Since he maintained himself headstrong the girl offered her body as payment.

rShe was very beautiful, so he gave to the temptation. But once you bend the rules, furthermore, since he didn't get caught... He got encouraged to do this.

rHis mentality started degrading and the alumni that reported him, normally being outer disciples without backing, didn't make many waves.

rBut one time he actually got caught in the middle of the act. The girl at that time, however, did it willingly so even if the punishment was harsh, the connections he made during the years were able to reduce the punishment from being banned from the academy to reflect for 30 years.

rHe also had to pay compensation for every wronged disciple in the past, and when he got back he would be demoted to a simple librarian of the first and second levels of the skill library.

rBecause he used almost all his connections and favors not to get banned at that time, he has stopped his behavior since then.

rMoreover, because his backing is a lot weaker and he was being monitored he was now well-behaved inside the academy. However, Yasenia was too irresistible for scum like him.

rMoreover, he hadn't seen her before so he thought that she had no backing, this is why he decided to begin his former ways with her and target her.

rAfter getting near Yasenia, he said with a smile

Chapter end

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